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Bro and Tracy Animal Welfare, Inc
. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Our goals are to help individual animals connect with the right people, help other nonprofit rescue organizations in their mission, and provide education that will result in more successful adoptions. Although we try to help animals of different species whenever possible, our special emphasis is on dogs. Every dog deserves to love and be loved and a chance to be a good dog. Our goal is to help make that happen.

Since organizing as a non-profit in January 2000 our primary activities have been photographing animals at different New Mexico shelters and rescue organizations, and publishing this website,, in order to help animals get adopted. We try to portray each individual animal in such a way that someone may recognize a friend for life.

Bro and Tracy has a board of directors and also many friends who want to help the animals. We are not a shelter, but some of our friends and supporters sometimes foster or provide discounted kenneling for a few animals. We would like to attract more enthusiastic animal lovers with projects of their own that they would like to develop.  There are many different aspects of rescue and ways that people and animals can be assisted to have a better life.

The Community Assistance Program, based in Edgewood, provides citizens in New Mexico with financial assistance for low cost spay and neuter for their pets.  We are working with them and other organizations to help reduce the euthanasia of thousands of dogs and cats. For more information about CAP see

We are all volunteers working out of our homes. No funds go to salaries or rent. We are most grateful for all donations, not only because they supply the funds for our activities, but also because your contributions let us know that you believe in the work we are doing.

Bro and Tracy Animal Welfare receives all money for notecards and posters on the shop page and $2 from each book sold. We also raise money through photo sessions and occasional events.

Your ideas, suggestions and encouragement are also very important. We especially love to hear from those of you who have adopted an animal because of this website. We have no other way to know about our successes, and every success story we hear makes me want to do that much more. We offer a free "happy tails" portrait to all who adopt animals because of this site. Let us hear from you.


About the organization of the website:

The primary job of the site is to publish photos of currently available animals anywhere in New Mexico, especially the greater Albuquerque area. We publish pages for each shelter and organization we work with providing information about them and any photos we have of their animals. Those organizations can be found through the shelters page. Additional information about rescue organizations is on the breed rescue and links pages.

The front page features photos and links that will easily lead you directly to the most current sections.

There are other pages of related information, for example articles, photo tips, and much more. We hope that our new navigation bar, a column at the upper left of each page, will enable you to easily get around the site. Please let us know.


The background of Bro and Tracy:

We all have our favorite species and our favorite breeds. Some fit our lifestyles better than others. Until I moved to the Southwest I knew nothing about herding dogs, had never heard of border collies, Australian shepherds or cattle dogs. My husband, who grew up in Arizona and was familiar with the type, got Bro and Tracy, Australian shepherd/cattle dog littermates. I fell in love not only with them, but all their kind.

Bro and Tracy came to us in 1985. They taught us so much and were the cause of so many events that we can truly say that they changed our lives forever. I could wish nothing better for animal or human than the relationship we enjoyed with these two remarkable beings. For that reason it seemed fitting to name this endeavor for them. It is my desire to use my experiences, both as a photographer and as an animal lover, to enable, not only more animals to be adopted, but for more of those adoptions to become loving joyful lifelong relationships.

During the hours I spend in animal shelters I meet so many dogs I would like to bring home, especially the hundreds, even thousands, who remind me of Bro and Tracy. Usually I can do nothing, but sometimes fate has it that I do bring one home. I can only believe it is fate that determines which ones. A few came in to be permanent, a few have been fosters who eventually were placed in excellent homes, and a few came in as fosters and became permanent.

For more about Bro and Tracy, their story and photographs see the pages related to their book, The Adventures of Bro & Tracy.


Joyce Fay
Bro and Tracy Animal Welfare, Inc.
POB 404, Corrales, New Mexico 87048


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