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Regina writes, "The correct name for these dogs is 'Alaskan Malamute', Mals for short. The Alaskan Malamute is very friendly with humans. Adult rescue dogs bond readily with their adoptive owners. Mals usually get along well with children, but caution is advised due to their size. They are a dog dominant breed, especially with dogs of the same sex. Challenges over pack order can lead to serious fights. Many Mals will live peaceably with cats.

"Malamutes are highly independent and strong willed. They may know a command but refuse to follow it. This is a part of their breeding, requiring an owner with an understanding of the breed and their history. Malamutes were used as sledding dogs in harsh arctic conditions. Intelligence and problem solving were needed to make decisions about hazards on the trail, even to the point of disobeying orders from their human companions. They have a strong denning instinct which means they like to dig and can make your yard look like the surface of the moon. Mals seldom bark but they are vocal and like to 'talk' and may howl.

"While they require daily exercise, Malamutes are also calm, clean, and although they do shed some, they make splendid house dogs. They will wait patiently and quietly as their owner sits at the computer or reads a book. Mals have a sunny disposition and stay playful through their senior years. Mals take an alert interest in their surroundings and are facinating company. They have a strong need for companionship and affection.

"If you would like to adopt, foster, or learn more about these beautiful dogs, and where our rescued dogs come from, please call or e-mail us. Visit us. Meet our dogs. Share our joy."


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