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These dogs are very loyal, highly intelligent and love their humans.

They make great house dogs because they want to be close to the famly or pack unit as a friend and protector.

Some Shar Pei have concerns specific to the breed while others do not.

The true Horsecoats have fewer skin problems than the Brushcoat purebreds as a rule. Many conditions such as entropion, skin maladies, dysplasia, FSF, malocclusion (improper bite) could all be managed through conscientious breeding and in depth knowledge of the breed. Anyone who takes on the role as a breeder is responsible for every puppy produced and its future, to perpetuate the standard of that breed and nothing below that standard.

There are hundreds of purebred Shar Pei in the southwest region of this country being killed every day for idiotic reasons.

Consider adopting a rescued Shar Pei and provide the loving, caring home each one of them deserves.



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