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Aly is a very lucky girl. First she survived hurricane Katrina. While wandering around after the storm she was hit by a car and found with a broken leg. After being brought to Albuquerque she survived emergency surgery for eating a Christmas garland.

She is now in her loving permanent home. Her future looks rosy.
Whisper got lucky when she caught the eyes of school- teachers Laurie & David at the beginning of summer vacation. They were able to get a great start for their life together.
Mattie was safe in a foster home, but needed a home of her own. When the photo on the right appeared on this website her people knew instantly she was the dog for them and also for Zack, the golden they had rescued some months earlier. Obviously they were right.

I suppose that many people go to casinos hoping that it will be their lucky day, the day they will win. Perhaps they win often enough to keep them going again and again for the thrill. That’s kind of how I feel about going to the dog shelters. Once in awhile I get a thrill when a dog I cared about got lucky. Really lucky. A loving home with caring responsible people! What prize could be better?

So when I see a dog like Boomer (above) whom I first met at the Eastside, or Mikey (below) from the Westside, now with people who return their love, that’s a reason to go back and try again. Maybe I’ll beat the odds again. Maybe, because of my effort, some deserving animal will connect with a caring person.
Mikey was adopted from the westside and is now well-loved in Corrales.
Eleven year old Oso is very happy to have playful adorable Lucy Rose join the family.

Chester as he appeared at the Eastside in 2001. He was fortunate enough to be adopted and has been enjoying the good life ever since.

This photo of Chester was sent to us from Colorado. When he was at Albuquerque's Eastside shelter he was a reputed "fence-jumper". In this photo he does not appear to be looking for any fences to jump


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There is nothing more rewarding than meeting animals whom we first met in shelters who are now in happy homes. If you adopted an animal because of this website and would like a free portrait of your dog please contact us @ 505-898-5433 or e-mail:

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