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Sally when she had bad skin and no home Sally now
Scoobie was adopted from the westside and is now devoted to her family of people and horses as well as other dogs in Corrales.
Molly is a very lucky girl who has been adopted by people who know how lucky they are to find her. Isn't it nice when it happens that way?
Hannah, right and below, was a very shy girl at the Eastside when she was adopted. Katie, on the left, another lucky rescue, joined the family later.
Katie and Jessie are very fortunate to have a loving family in Albuquerque.
Rio is a very shy boy who was fortunate to be adopted by people who are giving him the love and confidence he needs. He was in Albuquerque's Westside shelter.
Nettie is an outgoing girl who was adopted from the Eastside and now lives in Albuquerque.
Emma was adopted as a pup from Albuquerque's Westside and now lives in Albuquerque.

all photos: joyce fay


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There is nothing more rewarding than meeting animals whom we first met in shelters who are now in happy homes. If you adopted an animal because of this website and would like a free portrait of your dog please contact us @ 505-898-5433 or e-mail:


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