Our golden girl, Sara Rose came into our lives when she was nine months old. The golden retriever rescue found her at the pound. Sara filled our home with joy and love for 11 years Sara was our friend and companion. Her spirit and personality were unique. She was total happiness and desire to please. She loved everything and everyone.

One of her favorite pastimes was to lay on the patio and watch for lizards chasing lizards brought a huge smile to her golden face. She also kept track of the squirrel next door. Sitting in a lap for a back scratch was high on her list of things to do. Sara’s favorite game involved getting several toys in her mouth. She would roll her eyes up and look at you through her eyelashes. Then she would parade around with her tail going in circles. Our part was to chase, but not catch her

Sara also had responsibilities She would wake us up by thumping her tail on the bed. She wouldn’t stop until we scratched her face. She also helped fetch the newspaper and mail

Sara’s place on the couch is empty and our hearts are sad. We miss you sweet gentle Sara. Thank you for loving us Now all we have are memories. No more hugs, kisses or tail thumping May your pure heart and innocence live in everyone, whose life you touched. I hope we learned, what you were sent to teach Sara you were perfect.


Tricket, our feisty, spunky, determined friend.

Your life spanned 16 years, four months, and eleven days. You came into our lives at the age of nine. We feel blessed to have spent seven years with our little golden girl. Our hearts ache for you. The house seems quiet and still. You lived by the motto: never to old, never give up, and eat all you can get. We love you and miss you.

Don, Jeanne, Deja, and Levi

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