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Reyna with friends

Approximately 2.5-3y, 40 lbs, not spayed and has most likely been used for breeding. We have 2 other dogs in the house (3yo, 25 lb F/S corgi mix & 6yo, 60 lb M/N pit mix) & gets along great with both. Does not exhibit any aggressive behavior. She's okay on a leash/harness, very energetic and goofy more than anything but could definitely use some obedience classes. Hasn't exhibited any aggression with humans or children either. Cats are unknown.

For more information contact Brittney, 504-406-0456, btozzolo@gmail.com

Hi, I am big boy Zeppelin (r., as in the airship) and this is little girl Dietrich (l., as in Marlene). We are the perfect team.

Our late mom rescued both of us from a shelter in AZ because she thought we looked so cute together since we are wearing the same type of tuxedo but we are not related.
We are both healthy, spayed/neutered and current on vaccinations and are looking forward to sharing our life and love with you (adopt or foster).

Even though we are not spring chickens ( spring kittens ?) any more ( 13 and 9 years), we are very engaging, playful, curious and affectionate with our humans esp. when it comes to cuddle time. I am a real “people” cat whereas Dietrich takes a little longer to trust but not really that long.  Life has made us easy going and relaxed, so no hyper activity or curtain climbing to worry about – just a lot of hugging.

Let us know if you would like to meet us. 

For more information contact Karin, (505) 821-4169 or Karin@frings.us