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Bea, 8 years old, lab/pit mix

She’s cuddly, loyal, mellow and playful with humans, but does not get along with other animals at all.

She’s not food obsessed nor protective of her food. Likes treats but she often leaves them untouched for hours. Except when it comes to marrow bones from Keller’s—those she loves!

She’s got a crate and sleeps in at night voluntarily with the door open. It seems to offer a sense of coziness for her. It comes with a memory foam mattress in it. I put her in that when I leave her alone inside because she scratched up the front door when I didn’t put her in the crate.

She’s also got a pen that is 10ft x 10 ft by 6 feet, with a tarp roof. She can climb chain link so I had to wire over the opening between the roof and the top of the walls. When she escaped her pen a few times she just ran around to thre front door. She doesn’t wander off when she gets the chance.

She doesn’t pull on her leash at all. A very mellow walker who obliges when it comes to peeing and pooping. She enjoys long hikes as well.

She’s healthy and strong, but has that older dog urinary leaking that is taken care of by phenylpropanolamine pills.

Spayed, rabies up to date, knows sit/stay/ok (ie she sits until I release her).

The sweetest dog I’ve known.

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