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Hi, I am big boy Zeppelin (r., as in the airship) and this is little girl Dietrich (l., as in Marlene). We are the perfect team.

Our late mom rescued both of us from a shelter in AZ because she thought we looked so cute together since we are wearing the same type of tuxedo but we are not related.
We are both healthy, spayed/neutered and current on vaccinations and are looking forward to sharing our life and love with you (adopt or foster).

Even though we are not spring chickens ( spring kittens ?) any more ( 13 and 9 years), we are very engaging, playful, curious and affectionate with our humans esp. when it comes to cuddle time. I am a real “people” cat whereas Dietrich takes a little longer to trust but not really that long.  Life has made us easy going and relaxed, so no hyper activity or curtain climbing to worry about – just a lot of hugging.

Let us know if you would like to meet us. 

For more information contact Karin, (505) 821-4169 or Karin@frings.us





“Hi there. A few weeks ago I came across a 2 year old tri colored Aussie mixed breed dog at the east side Albuquerque shelter. I am an animal rescue director but rarely rescue dogs (My organization is Macaw and Cockatoo Rescue of New Mexico.) She was heartworm positive and the shelter said they don’t have the funds at this time to treat her. I called a few local dog rescues and one of them agreed to help and encouraged me to get her out quickly if possible. I told them I could foster her for a few weeks and that I could help fundraise for her heartworm treatment, but that I will be taking on an 8 week old prospect to service train on the 1st of July and can’t have an untrained dog around to model unwanted behaviors for the new pup. I paid to adopt her from the shelter on a Friday and the rescue called the following Tuesday to withdraw their help as they had their hands full with an emergency they got in over the weekend. I vetted the dog anyway with personal and fundraised dollars, who thankfully had a false positive heartworm at the shelter. We did a heartworm strip test and a blood test that were both negative at my vet, and neither my vet’s lab or the shelter saw microfilariae. Heart and chest sounds were good, no symptoms of heartworm. We also did a chem CBC, she was tested for Lyme and a few other tick born diseases, is spayed, microchipped, up to date on rabies, and we are waiting for a fecal result. This dog is likely mostly Australian Shepherd and we feel she could have a little husky in her based on some of her behaviors - but it’s anyone’s guess. She weighs 41 pounds, plays well with my dogs but is showing signs of resource guarding with food. She is intensely interested in smelling small pray animals, plays well with toys, can jump rather high so is an escape risk but hangs around the property instead of running away. She has mild separation anxiety but is learning crate manners fast with positive reinforcement. She is a little shy of new people, especially with men but warms up fast and is a love bug and a leaner once comfortable. I was happy to take care of all the medical bills for this dog and could use a helping hand to get her into a foster or forever home.

foxersartist@gmail.com (505) 934-0785

Bea, 8 years old, lab/pit mix

She’s cuddly, loyal, mellow and playful with humans, but does not get along with other animals at all.

She’s not food obsessed nor protective of her food. Likes treats but she often leaves them untouched for hours. Except when it comes to marrow bones from Keller’s—those she loves!

She’s got a crate and sleeps in at night voluntarily with the door open. It seems to offer a sense of coziness for her. It comes with a memory foam mattress in it. I put her in that when I leave her alone inside because she scratched up the front door when I didn’t put her in the crate.

She’s also got a pen that is 10ft x 10 ft by 6 feet, with a tarp roof. She can climb chain link so I had to wire over the opening between the roof and the top of the walls. When she escaped her pen a few times she just ran around to thre front door. She doesn’t wander off when she gets the chance.

She doesn’t pull on her leash at all. A very mellow walker who obliges when it comes to peeing and pooping. She enjoys long hikes as well.

She’s healthy and strong, but has that older dog urinary leaking that is taken care of by phenylpropanolamine pills.

Spayed, rabies up to date, knows sit/stay/ok (ie she sits until I release her).

The sweetest dog I’ve known.

For more information please contact:

Ani k.jamgyal@gmail.com