January 2017


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Her name is Katy Perry (my daughter named her).

She is a spirited smart dog. She currently lives with 2 other dogs and enjoys playing with our children. Katy will sit, lay down, shake, fetch, and needs a code word before she eats. She does jump on me when she's excited and has a very active long tail that can wag fast and hard. She is timid of new people but warms up nicely when given the chance. She walks through Lowe's and Home Depot without trouble. She is crate trained and loves to chew on her antler. Katy is spayed and up to date on all her vaccinations. She is brindle color with a Mohawk due to the Rhodesian ridgeback mix she is also plot hound and Rottweiler. She weights about 90lbs and will be 4yrs old on January 27th.

For more information contact Joyce, 505-463-4553, joycefay@broandtracy.org


Keena is an extremely intelligent, playful, friendly and good natured 13 month old catahoula/shepherd cross. She's great with kids, adults, male dogs and some female dogs. She needs a lot of exercise and would benefit being a working dog. She is electric fence trained, comes when she’s called, sits, understands "no"  and is generally well-behaved. However, she has instigated 3 dog fights with female neighborhood dogs and very sadly her current people can not keep her. 

If you are interested in adopting, fostering or advising, please call: 

Laura and Peter 




For more information contact Joyce, 505-463-4553, joycefay@broandtracy.org