July 2015


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Two amazingly loving dogs who are best friends are in need of a
stable, loving home. They are indoor/outdoor dogs who love to ride in
cars, go for walks, play and run around with other dogs at the local
dog parks. They are great with people also.

They are house broken, good on leashes and off, and are usually great
with basic commands.

Ideally, keeping them together would be the best scenario, as they
have been besties for 4 years. I understand  if they have to go their
separate ways but am hoping to find them a place together.

Latte is 6 years old and she is a border collie mix. Marley is soon to
be 4 years old and is a shepard mix.
They are up to date with shots, friendly, healthy and know how to be
laid back and when to run around. Perfect balance. You will have
leashes, bowls, treats,etc. sent with these furry loves.

They are in need of the most loving home by July 31st. They are
currently in the North Valley in Albuquerque, NM.

please call jennifer to talk or arrange a doggie date. (337) 233-6168