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Sadie, Rio (adopted) and Kona's family is being relocated and will not be able to take them along.   They are all very well trained, sit, stay, stay out of the kitchen, etc., and can even pee on command, great dogs!  Below is some information on each to help you get to know them.  If you can help Sadie, Rio or Kona, contact Amanda akilroy88@gmail.com  505.720.5455 or Meridith 602.332.1980.



11 Year Old Female - 35 lbs
Border Collie/Lab Mix - Tan
Spayed/Up to date on vaccinations
Good with:
Kids - unknown
Dogs - yes
Cats - no

We rescued Sadie from the Humane Society 10 years ago.  She loves to swim, play Frisbee, and play tug-o-war.  Although she is our oldest, she still plays like a puppy.  She loves to cuddle and will "hug" your leg while you pet her.  She is such a lady and will lay with her front legs crossed quite often. She loves to give high fives!  About two years ago she had a benign tumor grow from her lower jaw up into her lower gums. She had a surgery to remove it then and about two months ago it began to regrow.  She went through the same surgery again but this time, the tumor fought back and what took two years to grow, took about two days to resurface.  Without going through a very invasive surgery to remove her lower jaw, where the tumor's "roots" are located, she will be coping with this tumor.  It is benign and doesn't hurt her.  The vet has advised that eventually it may grow to the point that she may have trouble eating.  For now, there are no signs of it getting in her way or causing her any discomfort.  Sadie will need a special person to take her in and love her until that day comes.  



8 Year Old Female - 35 lbs
Boxer/Black Lab Mix - Black/Dark Brown
Spayed/Up to Date on Vaccinations
Good with:
Kids - unknown
Dogs - yes
Cats - unknown 

Kona was rescued from the Humane Society at 3 months old and has been a joy to have ever since.  She was always a bit of a runt, skinny and fragile, with big ears and long legs...that she never grew into.  She can jump so high with those long legs and loves to try to get toys that way.  She will swim forever if you let her.  Her golden eyes are very unique for her dark fur, those eyes will get you every time!  She is very independent.  You can find her playing by herself with a toy, sometimes a make believe toy, in the backroom of the house or the yard, but loves to play with you too!  She happens to love beanbags, she will curl up in one and dream away!  Kona is one of the most special animals I have ever had the pleasure of having in my life.  She will make a very special pet for the right home.      



is a 4 year old female. She is very loveable and loves to be pet. She is great with other cats and dogs that are non-invasive and not aggressive. She loves attention, but is shy at first. Leelu is front declawed and spayed.

Contact Glenn:
Phone: 480-340-3334
Email: golivefree@gmail.com





This is Lulu, she's a 19 month old, brindle with white, Bull Terrier mix. She's microchipped and up to date on all her shots. She loves little kids, other dogs, and cats. We'd like to get her a home with another dog to keep her company when owners are away, because she can be destructive and anxious in the absence of the owner. Lulu is a wonderful dog, but with a new baby coming training time is getting cut and we feel we may not be able to give her everything she needs.
We can be contacted by phone or email: 

            Jessica (231)330-5528

            Ben (616)260-1492