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contact: Daiqori
505-269-5627 dthanna.06@gmail.com


"Good Afternoon,

My name is Daiqori Chester, this is one of the hardest things I've had too do and is something that I have never done before. My husband and mother-in-law Jay Chester and Heather Chester have referred me both to you from past experiences with this. From the very first picture I was sent of this dog, to the very first time I saw him it was love at first sight. He had to be mine. He is the most gentle, caring, outgoing, friendly, silly, best friend out there. Whether its knowing your physical or mental heath and helping with both or playing with his friends. He loves other dogs and is great with children! He is not aggressive and you can put your hands around his face and play with him in any way. He has helped me tremendously through my PTSD, insomnia, depression, and anxiety. Anytime anyone needed him he was always there. My mother-in-law also has MS and he makes sure that she's okay all day. She does Rover and he wears out the big dogs she watches so they don't pester her. Although he is an absolutely amazing dog with my husband going into the Air Force in the near future he is unfortunately, two of the worst breeds out there. Sadly, they are frowned upon and given a bad reputation. My sweet angel, Crosby, is a pitbull/bull dog mix. I never thought I would see the day something like this would happen. I expected him to grow old with us and die with us but that is not the case. If I cannot be the one that makes him happy I need to give him the best home he has ever dreamed of. To make sure that he has everything he has ever wanted. Please help me find a wonderful home for him. I have attached some pictures from the time he was a puppy till now. Please email me back or call me at 505-269-5627.

Thank you,
Daiqori Chester"

A few photos of Crosby playing with some of his friends:


For more information contact the person listed with the dog or Joyce, 505-463-4553, joycefay@broandtracy.org