April 2016


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Sushi and Kupono




Kupono and his sister Sushi are looking for their forever home.  They are almost 7 years old and have been spayed/neutered.  They both received their kitten shots and have been indoor cats since then.  Sushi is petite and solid black.  She is deaf and needs some consideration for this (she startles easily but is otherwise a normal cat).  Kupono has a longer coat of black, grey and white.  He is shy at first but very loving! They are a team and have been together their whole lives so they need a forever home capable of taking them both!  They both disliked the few dogs they've come in contact with (they have never been around other cats so we’re unsure how they would react). They both have great personalities and would make wonderful additions to someone's family.  Contact: Jana (505) 410-2306    janamjohnson81@hotmail.com



For more information contact Joyce, 505-463-4553, joycefay@broandtracy.org