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Bro and Tracy images:

104 -Monument Valley Morning


101 - Bro's Moonlight Ride

Available as poster or notecard


105 - The Painted Desert


107 - "Let's Go"


106 - Big Cowboy

112 - The Grand Canyon


113 - Golden Sands


109 - Chaco Canyon

Bro and Tracy became well known through these notecards, the first of which were published in 1990, and through New Mexico Magazine, and their own book, The Adventures of Bro and Tracy, published by Harper-Collins in 1993. Bro and Tracy lived long and happy lives, bringing us much joy as well as an education. In their memory I now work to help other animals and people share the kind of loving relationship that we had.

110 - Christmas in Old Town



all photos: joyce fay





The signed poster of Bro's Moonlight Ride, # 101, is 18" x 24". $15 each.

Bro and Tracy, notecards # 101-113, are offset printed on high quality paper. $3.00 each

Cards and posters may be ordered in any quantity. Wholesale accounts are welcome.

Proceeds from the sale of these cards and posters benefit Bro and Tracy Animal Welfare, Inc. and help us photograph adoptable animals and publish this website.

We are now able to accept credit cards through PayPal. Or you may e-mail us, or call 505-463-4553


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